Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas cookies bring families together

Family.  Some get along great, some not so much, but family is family, at least in my book.  This weekend, I had the opportunity to take my boys to my mom’s to decorate Christmas cut out cookies.  All five grandsons were there, ranging in age from 2 to 11.  Mema had baked the cookies ahead of time, so all the boys needed to do was decorate them.  How much fun they (read: we) had!

The 2 year olds needed a bit of help.  I helped my one nephew, who can be a handful, yet he was an angel with the cookies!  He had a blast choosing the frosting colors and shaking the mounds of sprinkles on the unsuspecting cookies.  He got a special kick out of me dipping a broken piece in frosting and feeding it to him.  The silly grin of his was priceless when he had to take his nuk out first to eat the cookie tidbit.  The other two year old got immense pleasure from sticking his little hand in the colored sugar, then making us wipe it off.  My boys made their ‘ultimate cookies’, which had at least a half inch of swirled frosting, in all colors, and so many sprinkles they looked dusted with colored sand. 

And of course, being boys, the conversation centered on bodily functions, when they were going to get to eat the cookies and what toys they wanted for Christmas.  This is to be expected, and from experience, I know this doesn’t ever go away as they get older.   When we finished, the boys even pulled out the broom and vacuum to help take care of the sprinkles on the floor.

The holidays are a special time of year, whether you have a close family or not.  There is some sort of magic, goodwill and peace in the air.  My hope is that I can create and hold this magic all year long, for me and my family.  Who needs a holiday to be peaceful, grateful or giving?  Who should need a reminder that family is important, and that we should be gracious to others?   Gratitude for the blessings we have been given, and sharing love and peace all year long is something I am striving to do myself, and to also set an example in for my boys.  I believe this world needs more loving and peaceful people, don’t you?

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